How do I Know when I kNow that I knOw what I knoW that I KNow when I knOW how I KNOW when I …

researched and facilitated by John Kurzynowski

presented on Wednesday 3rd july 2019 as part of the BRINK FESTIVAL

An agent who possesses a practical mastery, an art, whatever it may be, is capable of applying in his action the disposition which appears to him only in action, in the relationship with a situation.
— Pierre Bourdieu in 'The Logic of Practice'
During the course of repetitions, meanings are transitory, emerging, dissolving, and being altered.
— Ciane Fernandes in 'The Aesthetics of Repetition and Transformation'

I encounter a practice and it encounters me. How do I develop my own knowing-how to execute this established practice based on my limited knowing-what the practice is or requires? Through the practicing of this new practice how do I then understand profoundly, intuitively and empathetically – or grok, as coined by Robert A. Heinlein – the original practice? Does the practice grok me in return? And when do I know that I’ve successfully grokked this practice through the practicing of my practice of the practice?

I’m inviting you to encounter a durational practicing of a practice of practicing practice, during which time I will be attempting to determine how I know when I know that I know WHAT I know about practicing my practice of practicing practices.

The theoretical framework for this practice as research enquiry is expounded upon in the scripted invitation into the encounter, as well as text from a slideshow presentation and post-encounter questionnaire that accompanied the event –

How do I Know when I kNow that I knOw what I knoW that I KNow when I knOW how I KNOW when I ... is an individualised participatory encountering of a practice that was first presented on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 in London, UK at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama as part of the BRINK Festival. Featured participant Adam Johnson. Photos by Jemima Yong. Video by Matthew Kaltenborn.