We Are Sad People Remembering Sad Stories in a Sad Memory Box

created and performed by John Kurzynowski

originally presented January 16th, 2018 at Das theatre

I am remembering. I am remembering a sad memory. You're aware of this because I am showing you that I am sad and telling you that I am remembering a particularly sad event. You are viewing my physically enacted behaviour – remembering the past – in the present moment. But you are not viewing my memory. Only I can view my own memory – with the use of my mind's eye. This memory exists internally – a separate moving image of my past self caught up in a prior sad event. Onstage, I am forced to share that memory with you through words or movement or any number of theatrical gestures. But my present self (the performer) and my past self (my remembered self) cannot exist simultaneously. I cannot play both versions of myself. Nor can I inhabit both the present space and the remembered setting. The present can only convey the image of the past – translating the memory playing out in front of my mind's eye for an audience. A memory that is playing out in a sad memory box that I’ve constructed to contain that past self. Can I step outside of that box to view my remembered self? Can my present self then interact with my remembered self? And can I somehow build a bridge between that remembered past and the present moment for you, the audience member, to then cross over into my sad memory?

We Are Sad People Remembering Sad Stories in a Sad Memory Box was originally presented in a work-in-progress showing on January 16th, 2018 at DAS Theatre in Amsterdam, NL. Created and performed by John Kurzynowski.