Do You Remember The Time We Did That Play?

conceived and performed by John Kurzynowski

created and performed with Nathaniel Basch-Gould

originally presented november 11th, 2017 at The Doxsee

Originally presented as part of the Grand Festive Opening of Target Margin Theater's permanent home in Brooklyn, artists Nathaniel and John are tasked with creating a short piece that best represents their joint artistic practice. But before they can begin to share this piece, each is sidelined by the memory of a particularly embarrassing theatrical mishap from their combined past. Nathaniel interrupts John's curtain speech to ask the burning question, "Do you remember the time we did that play?" – and proceeds to conjure up a memory from one of his many theatrical adventures. John does not remember – he wasn't there to share that memory. But he now has a memory of his own to tell. And thus they begin to misremember, one after the other. It soon becomes clear that each memory shared took place long before Nathaniel and John had ever met.

But their desperation to connect and jointly remember a shared moment from their past eventually gives way to the reconsolidation of their memories. By simply recalling events that once truly occurred, they are exposing their memories to an undetectable form of manipulation – one that slowly forces the original memories to be rewritten and re-codified. And in doing so, Nathaniel and John unknowingly find themselves creating an entirely new memory – one in which they are in a theater trying to accurately remember the time they both appeared in that one play together. Is this the very play that they are attempting to remember? And if so, is it merely because they've attempted to remember anything at all that they've been able to rewrite their collective theatrical history?

Do You Remember The Time We Did That Play? was originally presented by Target Margin Theater on November 11th, 2017 at The Doxsee. Conceived and performed by John Kurzynowski. Created and performed with Nathaniel Basch-Gould. Sound designed by Kate Marvin. Photos by Adrian Jones.